Leader in Europe in the heating sector and beyond

We design, test and produce high quality and fully customizable devices and electronic systems for domestic, industrial and medical use. Our devices are the result of a design and customization process that fully meets the specific needs of our users.

The care and attention we pay to customers are the core of our business. We believe it is essential to have a constant exchange of information between the design teams of the various electronic components and the end users.

Why choose us?

We offer a targeted approach based on your needs, customizing 100% of each solution so that it can meet all you’re your requests exactly;

  • We offer highly competitive prices, always guaranteeing high quality standards;

  • We offer only carefully tested electronic systems, so as to ensure compliance and security on what you buy;

  • We guarantee continuous and personalised assistance, by professionals who are always ready to provide needed information and respond to your every need; 

  • We are at your disposal to discuss together on how to carry out the project you have in mind; and if it is possible to utilize our connectivity systems, helping you find the most advantageous solution for you.


We respect delivery dates, we have a concrete concise approach.


The entire development cycle is carried out and managed with internal resources. The process can be carried out independently or in constant collaboration with the customer.


We are able to offer high flexibility towards many production needs. We can even provide the total management of the finished products until they are fully ready for worldwide distribution.


Each and every Selmo product is designed to comply with the CE mark.

R & D

Research and development

Research and development
Over time, our continuous search for new components and innovative raw materials on national and international markets has turned us into the market leaders in the electronics sector. This reputation comes with solid experience in the thermoplastic sector with CAD design and 3D modeling (both virtual and real).
Since the first day of activity, we at Selmo have always focused on research, development and technological innovation of electronic systems, dealing with the design of a complete range of electronic controls for devices aimed at electric heating, household appliances, industrial and electromedical equipment. We have solidified our position in the field of electronic systems in italy through our focus on innovation, the constant search for new and functional materials, attention to progress, the study of markets as well as the search for specific solutions to meet the different needs of each customer, has led us to become a solid institution in the field of electronic systems in Italy.
Testing area
Testing Area
The attention we pay to the electronic systems we design and build is accompanied by an accurate verification process. Our checks include functionality tests that are performed both during the design phase as well as during the final inspection.
To guarantee the high quality of each product we offer, we design each component to comply with the CE mark and, moreover, the entire development cycle is managed with internal resources that constantly interact with the customer. Tests are a fundamental phase of our entire process, as they are required to ensure the full functionality and efficiency of a product. Therefore, it is our concern to ensure that each and every device is fully functional before they are placed on the market.
Production OEM & ODM
The production activity and the realization of electronic systems are modulated on the basis of the indications received and agreed upon with the customer. We have automatic lines for testing the electronic board and devices for ON-board programming of the boards, as well as custom equipment for functional testing.
Among the products we manufacture, the most requested by customers are thermostats, blowers, remote controls and related connectivity systems with dedicated apps. All specific components, hardware and software, for washing, cooking, refrigeration and heating operations, both at home and industrial and medical level, are made with the intent of offering you the highest quality.
We exploit the capabilities of different systems to establish interaction and exchange information with each other, in order to develop innovative and cutting-edge solutions.
Domus One
This app offers you the possibility to control your wi-fi and Bluetooth thermostats by voice. Through voice control you can manage the temperature regulation throughout the house in a few seconds, with a maximum communication distance of 8 meters.
This program allows you to control all the appliances in your home directly from your smartphone or tablet. The environment is managed by an autonomous router and radio frequency is used to connect the different devices. Themaximum instance of communication is over 30 meters.
Google & Alexa connection
This program allows you to take full advantage of the connectivity afforded to you. You can control your devices via remote controls, the Bluetooth wi-fi app as well as controlling your thermostats through voice control devices (Google Home and Alexa). Security will be ensured through multiple tests which are needed to pass in order to obtain Works With Alexa (WWA) and Works With Hey Google. These apps not only ensure the functioning of the communication between the voice control device and the thermostat, but also guarantee its complete compatibility. In addition, we can develop products which are connected through radio frequency to control units, which allows their management from control stations.


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