Heating systems

We create complete products from design to production, customizing 100% of each solution in order to fully meet customer needs. The know-how we have gained over the years is at the complete disposal of our customers, in order to design together the best solution for the thermal management of the house or company.

With more than 32 years of experience, 20 being in the field of thermostat production, we are today among the main leaders in Europe. And France is our main customer.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years and our constant thirst for innovation, we can satisfy the most diversified requests of our customers; from the preliminary study to the production of complete heating devices and systems. The classic weekly programming of our thermostat electronic systems, is brought to a higher level by the incorporation of adaptive temperature control algorithms.

These allow for the memorization of the time needed to heat the environment to the desired temperature. This way the device can control and anticipates the ignition with respect to the program, in order to reach the temperature of the desired environment exactly at the preset time.

Temperature is also managed directly through the presence of sensors. Each of our products is designed to comply with the CE mark and the entire development cycle is carried out and managed by internal resources. The process can be carried out entirely independently or in constant collaboration with the client.

We also take care of supporting our customers throughout the entire certification process of the finished product by the competent authorities, by providing all the information regarding the electronic thermostats and the know-how client they may need to ensure certification is obtained.

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