WiFi connectivity

Thanks to decades of experience in the field of connectivity and home automation, we can guarantee full valorization, comfort and safety within your home or workplace.

Connectivity systems: a smart choice

We have developed different systems of interconnection in order to meet the constant demand from some of our customers for efficient and advanced solutions in various domains of their daily life. We combine technology and the development of specific algorithms with protocols of last Generation. In order to create connectivity options to control home automation devices inside homes as well as offices, with the goal of simplifying life through intelligent interoperability.

WiFi connectivity

Enjoy the comfort of controlling your heating system from anywhere.
By combining our Domus one app with one of our Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible thermostats you can:

  • Control the heating system from your smartphone.
  • Get instant access to your home’s temperature, heating activity, and performance reports.
  • Schedule the activity of thermostats.
  • Organize the app into groups of thermostats.
  • Use voice control as our system is compatible with voice control through the Domus One skill from the Amazon™ Alexa Skill Store or the Google Home™ Action.

This connectivity system was made by SELMO and allows you to control Wi-Fi and Bluetooth thermostats with your voice. 

In order to take advantage of the features of this connectivity system for thermoregulation, you must have a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth thermostat that is compatible and must be associated with your Domus One account. 

The procedure to follow is very simple: 

  • turn on the thermostat, checking that Wi-Fi is turned on; 
  • download the Domus One app from Google Play or App store and open it; 
  • create an account by entering your data; 
  • click on “+ Add a thermostat”; 
  • follow the instructions provided by the app; 
  • connect the thermostat to the Wi-Fi network;
    click on “+ Add thermostat” and on “YES” to the next question (in order to connect the thermostat to your account);
  • Name your thermostat by making sure it appears in the list of your devices.
Infinity Wi-Fi
APP Domus one
This programmable thermostat allows you to control the thermoregulation of different rooms. Being able to perceive the degrees present in a given room, it can autonomously activate the switching on and off of the heating system in the individual rooms when the temperature exceeds or is lower than the set one.

You can manage the system in relation to the day and the season even remotely, through the dedicated app that allows you to manage all operations remotely using your smartphone or tablet.

Infinity Wi-Fi is a digital time programmable thermostat for controlling the electric towel warmer. It has 7 operating modes: Comfort, Night, Antifreeze, Fil-Pilote, Chrono, Timer 2h and Stand-by and, in addition, it has the function of detecting open windows.  This option is very important for the purposes of thermoregulation, as it deactivates the radiator when a window in the room, thus avoiding wasting energy unnecessarily. 

Infinity Wi-Fi has a large backlit display which shows the set temperature, as well as time and the active mode/function.

Google Home e Alexa connection

Thanks to voice assistants, now part of our daily lives, we have the possibility to simplify many tasks in a easy, fast and intuitive way. Having the opportunity to connect the voice assistant to smart objects compatible with this technology, will afford you many interesting advantages. For instance, Alexa is able to respond to our voice commands and has numerous utilities: it can in fact provide us with information, perform certain actions and manage, following our command, to control the connected devices we have at home. 

The procedure to follow is very simple: 

  • download the Google Home app from Google Play or App store and open it;
  • click at the top right on your account profile and then on “Settings”; 
  • click on “Connections” and choose “Amazon Alexa”; 
  • give permission for the new device; 
  • Finally, follow the on-screen directions to connect the devices to the app.
Synthesis Wi-Fi
Google e Alexa
This modern Wi-Fi thermostat integrates perfectly within the home environment and allows you to manage numerous operations in complete autonomy and without difficulty. This allows you to benefit from full comfort and relaxation when you return home after a long day at work. Thanks to this device you have the possibility to manage the temperature regulation of the various rooms in your home by installing a wireless actuator near the room where the boiler is located.

Thanks to this thermostat you can reduce the energy consumption required for heating your home and, in addition, you have the possibility to manage operations through your mobile device, from wherever you are.

The only important thing you need to remember is that your smartphone or iPhone needs to be connected to the same network as the Synthesis Wi-fi programmable thermostat, otherwise you will not be able to perform operations remotely.

Working wirelessly, this thermostat does not require structural work for placement to be carried out in the house, unlike the old thermostats that, instead, worked with electrical cables.

You can decide where to place the thermostat and, later, if you want, you can move it to your liking. It is very easy to use and install. Moreover, thanks to the Synthesis Wi-fi thermostat you can decide the temperature of the various rooms of your home with a simple click, even remotely.

Thanks to this modern digital electronic thermostat, you will have full control of the temperature of the home environment. The device can be assembled with different heating elements easily obtainable and replaceable from our main European manufacturers.

The device comes with a useful open window detection function, intended to reduce electricity waste. It is equipped with an IR receiver. The programmable thermostat can be set using the Helios or Galaxy remote control with which you can set up weekly programming. This function can also be managed in the Wi-Fi version via a dedicated App, available for any Android® or iOS® device.

Pleasant visuals on the large color display, of the main parameters represented with numbers and symbols. When the thermostat is on stand-by, the display is switched off with an elegant neutral reflection which offers a pleasant aesthetic effect.


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