Selmo has been the leader in the production of electronic systems for over 30 years. We are a reality in continuous evolution and expansion, and the satisfaction of our customers is what drives us to constantly want to improve. We continuously change in order to offer innovative and advantageous solutions which can fully meet the evolving needs of our clients.

In addition to offering finished products such as thermostats, blowers, remote controls and efficient connectivity systems with dedicated apps, we offer our customers advantageous solutions for the development and production of every single component of their electronic systems.

Among the main ones we can find software and hardware operating in the heating, washing, cooking, and refrigeration sectors as well as a wide range of components dedicated to small household appliances and equipment intended for medical or industrial use.

All the products we manufacture and market are the result of a design process with internal customization that aims to meet the specific needs of our customers. Every Product is born from the harmony of intentions of our design team and our custumer.

All tests are carried out on each electronic product, in order to guarantee its functionality during the design phase, as well as providing constant quality control during its production.

Our goal is to ensure maximum efficiency and competitiveness to our customers. We structure an advanced production process, which is based on supply logistics that are structured as to allow for the continuous search for new components and raw materials on international markets.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the production of electronic systems we are now able to guarantee the development of solutions and technologies suitable to respond to every single request from customers. 

In order to guarantee the achievement of the quality and reliability objectives of the product, we take care of performing an accurate and continuous analysis of all aspects of the project, this is done in order to effectively apply the techniques of advanced analysis and study of process engineering.

Every product we market, before being immersed in the market, must comply with the CE mark. Therefore, it is our  primary concern to make sure its compliance, which we do by performing  the tests of Pre-compliance for CE certification. These are carried out in our laboratory by expert technicians who aim to evaluate the correct functionality of a product or one or more of its components.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that all products can obtain CE certification, which is now essential for a wide range of electronic components as well as a wide range of consumer products.

We can define ourselves as the “big” in the heating sector and we are recognized as suppliers of excellence by our customers. By dealing with the production of electronic systems as regards software and hardware, we can include a 360° internal production control system both for the Italian and foreign markets.

Our goal for the future is to be able to concentrate our energies more and more on the finished products to be offered to our customers, in order to help them achieve their goals in the as little time as possible.

All our departments are constantly updated in order to guarantee
users the highest quality standards.

The production process of electronic systems is structured in a very linear way: 

  • The request or proposal from the customer is received;
  • One establishes what they intend to design;
  • The specifications inherent to the project are defined, so that we can respond to what the customer wants; 
  • The design activity begins. 
    The work is structured starting from the electronic design to get to the prototyping phase and the execution of specific tests to verify its functionality. Finally we reach the development of the last measures and the real production of the electronic systems.

    The Rubano site is, to all intents and purposes, the heart of the company, where the R&D departments are located and where all the projects and the prototyping phases of the OEM and ODM products are developed. The production plants in Romania and in China, which are constantly monitored by our specialized technicians, allow us to decide where to dislocate the production according to the type of product and the geographical location of the customer.

    We have modern high-performance SMD and PTH automatic lines for the assembly of the finished product and, if necessary, we can intervene with subsequent manual finishes followed by accurate functional testing tests of the product before its placements on the market.

    All products in the design phase are subjected to very strict specific tests, performed within burn-in chambers, following the quality parameters agreed upon with the customer. We also have automatic lines to perform tests of the electronic board and devices for on-board programming of the boards. We build special custom equipment for functional tests, useful for sampling certain products from the production line of electronic systems to verify that they comply with safety and ecology regulations.

    Our customers recognize our excellent speed, versatility and efficiency in the various phases process, from design to production of electronic systems, as well as our reliability: respect of delivery terms has always been a substantial objective for every one of Our orders. 

    Let’s give life together to your project! 

    We combine technology, functionality, innovation and design to offer you the best solutions designed to meet your every need.


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