Tydom connectivity

We offer our customers the highest quality, so that they can control their home through a valid application, which is both functional and easy to use. Tydom is a more advanced system than the common Wi-Fi system, and those who have tried it are highly satisfied with the results they can achieve. Thanks to the new intelligent connectivity system, in fact, you can have complete management of your home, even when being physically distant by many kilometers.

Why rely on connectivity systems?

Being able to combine connectivity and sustainability, until a few years ago, seemed a utopic and unreachable goal. But today, thanks to modern Tydom systems, consumers have the opportunity to experience the interesting advantages offered by interoperability between intelligent systems. The maximum efficiency guaranteed by Tydom intelligent connectivity systems also allows for high sustainability. This makes Tydom systems valid and functional, as well as very practical to use wherever you are. 

Tydom connectivity

It is an intelligent connectivity system that is very easy to use and fully customizable, so that you can simplify your daily life. Through this app you can control all the equipment of your home or office from your smartphone or table. This can be done in a few clicks, free of charge and without the need of a subscription. 

Tydom allows you to fine tune and adapt all environments to your way of living.

The procedure to follow is very simple:
  • download the Tydom app from Google Play or App store and open it; 
  • follow the guided path to create an account, or log in to the existing one (if you already have one); 
  • click on “New domicile”, in order to associate your web server with the Tydom app
  • type the name of the installation and the identifier of the app (which corresponds to the last 6 characters of the MAC address on the back of the web server); 
  • enter the location of your home by clicking on “Find your Location”, selecting on the map where the building is located;  
  • add devices by clicking on “Settings”, which is found on the menu at the top left, then select the domicile and then move to “My devices”; 
  • click on “Add a device” and select the one you want, with the possibility to customize it; 
  • you can control intelligent connectivity devices through the Home Page (by clicking on the family, for example Roller shutters, then selecting the specific device of your interest within the list to be able to control it) or through photographs (by clicking on a widget and controlling the relative device).
Towel warmer Musa Eye
Musa Home
APP Tydom
It is a digital electronic thermostat dedicated to temperature control in various environments. It also offers the possibility of activating the programmable thermostat function. The thermostat operates on a on and off basis and allows for the setting of a minimum and maximum temperature level that allows the boiler automatically turn on or switch off in order to reach the desired preset temperature.

There is also the possibility of setting a programmable thermostat function which  allows you to preset a time schedule, thus setting the switching on and off of the boiler at specific times of the day according to your preference.

The Musa Eye thermostat can be assembled with different heating elements, easily obtainable and replaceable from the major European manufacturers. The thermostat also has a function which detects open windows, which allows for the reduction of possible waste of electricity. It is also equipped with IR receiver. 

The programmable thermostat can be set using the Helios or Galaxy remote control, with which you can set a weekly programming. This can also be achieved in the Wi-Fi version via a dedicated App, available for any Android® or iOS® device. 

The thermostat has pleasant visualizations of the main parameters represented with numbers and symbols, on its large color display. When the thermostat is in stand-by, the display is switched off with an elegant neutral reflection which has an enjoyable aesthetic effect.


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