In addition to the functions present on the DYNAMIC this version is equipped with:

1.The ability to control the device through the Galaxy IR remote control which is equipped with an accessory that makes it anchorable to the wall or to the towel warmer itself.
2. Behavioral indicator.
3. Temperature offset: Since every room is different, the thermostat may end up reaching a slightly different temperature than the one that had been set. However, this can be easily solved through the use of this function.
4. Factory Reset: You can reset your device to factory default settings. This restores the function it had when you received it. This procedure is recommended when you need to hand over the device to someone else. The person who receives it will have to reprogram all the settings from scratch.
5. It can be combined with a cable cover accessory.
NOTE: This version CANNOT be combined with a swivel resistance, as it needs to be fixed.


Technical specifications
Conformity marking


Supply voltage

230 VAC – 50 Hz

Supported power range

100 ÷ 1000 W

Selectable temperature range
10°C ÷ 32°C
Maximum thermal fuse temperature
Appliance classes
Class I – Class II
IP code

 71mm x 97,5mm x 47mm

Available colours

 White, Chrome (gray cable), Matte black


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