This digital programmable thermostat for electric radiators has the peculiarity of being able to rotate 350° around the resistance. It is equipped with a resistance with a particular coupling produced HT SpA on which it is mechanically fixed. The radiator thermostat allows for weekly programming with heat transfer to fluid as well as temperature control via a sensor placed in the room. The large backlit display extensively displays every status and mode of use that has been set on the device.

1. Heating device with fluid heat transfer
2. The ambient temperature is controlled by an external sensor
3. The symmetry of the object allows both the right and left coupling of the towel warmer
4. You can control the device through the Galaxy IR remote control which is equipped with an accessory that makes it anchorable to the wall or to the towel warmer
5. The “ECO” function reduces the set temperature by 3° to reduce energy consumption
6. The “Open window” function: The device is able to detect if a window has been opened by detecting a rapid drop in ambient temperature. If this happens, the radiator switches off for 30 minutes, after which the towel warmer will resume operation in the previously set state.
  1. The “Key Lock” function: This feature allows the user to lock the keyboard to prevent accidental changes.
  2. The “Adaptive Starting Control – ASC” function: This function will turn on the heating element earlier than planned (up to 2 hours earlier than set) to ensure that the room reaches the desired temperature at the set time. Note: The feature requires at least a couple of days of operation to achieve its maximum efficiency.
  3. “Chrono” mode: This mode of operation allows the user to set a daily schedule to weekly repeat, with 3 fixed programs and 1 programmable settable
  4. “Fil -Pilote” mode: This is the mode in which the towel warmer is controlled by a remote-control panel. The operating mode will be selected by the Fil-Pilote control centre. The device also recognizes the most advanced six-order “Fil-Pilote” system, which allows the use of the following functions:

◦ Standby: The thermostat remains on whilst the heating element is switched off.

◦ Comfort: The “Comfort” temperature is maintained as set by the user.

◦ Eco: The ambient temperature is maintained 3.5°C lower than the “Comfort” temperature.

◦ Anti-freeze: The ambient temperature is maintained at 7°C.

◦ Comfort-1: The ambient temperature is maintained 1°C lower than the ” Comfort” temperature.

◦ Comfort-2: The ambient temperature is maintained 2°C lower than “Comfort” temperature. 

NOTE: By activating this mode in devices without fil-pilots, the thermostat will work in Comfort mode.
11. The “Night” function: This mode keeps the temperature close to the temperature set by the user. Use this mode to heat the room to the desired temperature. Since the temperature of NIGHT mode is always lower than the COMFORT temperature, it is recommended to use this mode to save energy during the night or when the room is empty for 2 hours or more.

  1. The “2 Hour Timer” function: In this mode, maximum power is supplied to the heating element for 120 minutes regardless of the ambient temperature. After the time has elapsed, the thermostat will return to the previously set “stable” operating mode before entering TIMER 2 HOURS mode. 

Note: A “stable” operating mode is a mode that has been operating for at least 5 seconds before switching to TIMER mode 2 HOURS

  1. Anti-freeze: The ambient temperature is prevented from falling below 7°C.


Technical specifications
Conformity marking


Supply voltage

230 VAC – 50 Hz

Supported power range
100 ÷ 1000 W
Selectable temperature range
10°C ÷ 32°C
Maximum thermal fuse temperature
Appliance classes

Class I – Class II

IP code
56mm x 56mm x 44mm
Available colours
White, Chrome


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