Evo Plus (Smart Plus) is an electronic towel warmer thermostat for controlling electric towel warmers. This towel warmer thermostat detects the room temperature, then through a heating element it keeps the room at the preferred preset temperature. Twelve different types of resistors are available: from 100W to 1000W.

1.Heating device with heat transfer from liquid.
2. The ambient temperature is controlled by an external sensor.
3. The symmetry of the object allows both right and left coupling of the towel warmer.
4. You can choose between 3 different schedules by means of the dedicated button, as indicated in the timer setting guide.
5. You can turn on the stand-by (the heating element is turned off) and antifreeze functions.
6. The colored LEDs indicate the ambient temperature which can be set from 7°C (anti-frost) to 29 °C.
7. You can adjust the temperature by means the buttons on the device.
8. The “Key Lock” function: This feature allows the user to lock the keyboard in order to avoid accidental changes.
9.It is possible to use the towel warmer in mixed water/electric operation thanks to the special “T” joint.


Technical specifications
Conformity marking


Supply voltage

230 VAC – 50 Hz

Range of supported powers

100 ÷ 1000 W

Range of configurable fluid temperature
40°C ÷ 65°C (10°C automatically selected in antifreeze mode)
Maximum thermal fuse temperature
Appliance classes
Class I – Class II
IP code
56mm x 56mm x 44mm
Available colours
White, Chrome


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