Musa is an intelligent digital electronic device, ideal for controlling the temperature of electric towel warmers. It can be used in combination with a wide range of heating elements that can be easily connected to the device and are available from many European third-party manufacturers. The 4-button on-board keypad allows the user to access a wide variety of functions, and the large round and backlit display constantly shows all the information related to the operation of the thermostat through pleasant icons.

In addition to the functions present on the MUSA S this version is equipped with:
1. You can control the device through the Galaxy IR remote control which is equipped with an accessory that makes it anchorable to the wall or to the towel warmer itself.
2. Behavioral indicator.
3. The “Adaptive Starting Control – ASC” function: This function will turn on the heating element earlier than planned (up to 2 hours earlier than set start) to ensure that the room reaches the desired temperature at the set time.
Note: The feature requires at least a couple of days of operation to achieve maximum efficiency.

4.Presence detection: This feature intelligently lowers the temperature to save energy without having a noticeable impact on overall comfort. If no movement is detected by the sensor, it is assumed that the space where the installed thermostat is located is not occupied by any individual and therefore does not need to be heated to normal temperature. After 60 minutes in which the room is detected free, the temperature will be lowered by 2°C.  Every time someone enters the room, the sensor will detect their presence and the operation of the thermostat will return to normal.
It incorporates the X3D Delta Dore radio protocol and is compatible with Delta Dore TYDOM HOME and TYDOM PRO gateways to be controlled by the delta Dore TYDOM APP. 


Technical specifications
Operational modes

Comfort, Night, Antifreeze (7°C) Stand-by, Chrono, Boost 2h, ECO, Fil-Pilote (for Class II version only), Open window detection

Conformity marking


Supply voltage

230 VAC – 50 Hz

Room temperature sensor range

7°C ÷ 32°C

Appliance classes
Class I – Class II
IP code

131mm x 76mm x 42mm

Available colours

White, Chrome


Wi-Fi (with Voice Assistant) or remote control “Galaxy”


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