Thesis Plus is an analog thermostat for controlling electric towel warmers. Its “Small” and simple design makes it suitable for any type of towel warmer. The adjustable room temperature range is from 7 ° C to 32 ° C. In addition to the basic function of the room towel warmer thermostat it has the following functions:

1.The “Fil-Pilote” system which manages 6 different types of signal.

◦ Standby: turns off the heating element but the thermostat remains on.◦ Comfort: maintains the “Comfort” temperature set by the user.
◦ ECO : keeps the temperature 3.5°C lower than the “Comfort” temperature.◦ Anti-freeze: prevents the temperature from falling below 7°C.
◦Eco-1: keeps the temperature 1°C lower than the “Comfort” temperature.
◦ Eco-2:  maintains a temperature 2°C lower than the “Comfort” temperature.

  1. Boost2h control of continuous heating at 100% capacity for 2 hours;
  2. T24h control of the boost2h function, to set it automatically to every day at the same time (2h on, 22h off, typically for morning shower);
  3. T12h Boost part control of 2h automatically every 12 hours (2h on, 10h off, 2h on, 10hoff, typically shower morning and evening).


Technical specifications
Conformity marking


Supply voltage

230 VAC – 50 Hz

Range of supported powers

2000 W

Appliance classes
Class I – Class II
IP code
113mm x 73mm x 39mm
Available colours
White, Chrome


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